Lira 3 Group Espresso Machine


The LIRA Three Group Espresso Coffee Machine is designed to continuously produce up to six cups of espresso coffee or cappuccino at the same time. It is ideal for the large and very busy café restaurant or catering facility.

The Lira Series of espresso coffee machines is a perfect blend of modern and traditional design. The result of this combined design is a great accomplishment that most often cannot be easily achieved. But thanks to the unique BFC Design Team, they did it and made it look easy. The Lira has the look and feel of function, substance and elegance that fits easily in any contemporary or traditional establishment. In order to satisfy the consumers’ personal and/or commercial needs, the Lira Series espresso coffee machines are available in single and multiple groups with various boiler size configurations to accommodate the consumers’ economic needs.

BODY COLORS: Red, Yellow, Gray and Black.
Optional Equipment: • Cappuccinatore (Milk foaming attachment) • Electric Cup Warmer • Auto Probe Steamer (Foaming in Pitcher) • Water Softener • Programmable Timer to turn the machine ON or OFF (Electronic version only)
Electronic Models are available with programmable dosing hot water spout for making particular size teas and any other hot drinks. Digital display window allows for a thorough analysis and control of the daily and weekly production, and much more.


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