Jamaican Blue Mountain


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  • 1 lb bag of whole beans or ground
  • The aroma and flavor is full and strong
  • It gives enough energy without making you feel wired.

As the name implies, Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is grown on the famous Blue Mountain in Jamaica. This mountain is situated at about 2,000 feet above sea level. This makes the soil extremely rich and has continuous rainfall. Both of these together make it a perfect area for growing coffee beans.

For starters, as soon as you open the bag, you’re going to get hit with the scent of strong and traditional coffee with a hint of chocolaty goodness.

If you think that’s amazing, just wait until you get that first sip. As soon as this rich and robust tasting coffee hits your taste buds, you’re going to feel like everything is right in your world. It seeps into every cell of your body and gives you the energy you need!

Since this coffee is a medium roast, it means it has a stronger taste than a light roast, but it’s not as acidic as a dark roast.

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee isĀ floral, nutty, smooth, and delicious.

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Beans, Ground


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