Gas Pizza Oven

Victoria L’Originale offers a wide selection of models. These type of ovens are perfect
for the commercial or domestic user that needs to bake a big or small quantity of pizzas, bread, cakes and other oven cooked specialties.
• The M.A.M. oven can also be delivered un-painted with a copper effect so that it
   can be used even with no additional covering.
• The M.A.M. oven is a prefabricated wood burning oven made of vibrated refractory
    material and can be equipped with a gas burner
• The M.A.M. oven comes with peel, small baker’s shovel, stand, brush and shutter.
• The M.A.M. oven does not need any installation permission since it is prefabricated.
• The M.A.M. oven is fitted and operating in 24 hours, so it can be fitted on the closing day.
• The M.A.M. oven thanks to its characteristic of maintaining its baking temperature,
    allows you to bake pizzas in continuation with a minimum wood consumption.
• The M.A.M. oven can be moved if necessary using a lifting truck from one room to another.
• The M.A.M oven can be supplied pre-assembled, and with wheels.


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