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ECM Giotto


  • A special design called a “Thermosyphon Circulation System” is used to manage the brewing process. ECM says this is built with professional size components and results in increased efficiency.
  • Thanks to the heat exchanger, steam is available at all times. There is no need to switch between “brewing mode” and “steaming mode,” as with home machines that use a single boiler.
  • Water from the boiler is also available for making tea or other hot drinks.
  • The machine is self-priming, and will turn itself off if it runs out of water. It can be left on for long periods (e.g. all day in an office setting).
  • After brewing coffee, pressure in the portafilter is automatically released through a valve, which drains to the drip tray.

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The ECM Giotto is an Italian espresso machine (made in Milan) that belongs to a class that is sometimes called “semi-commercial” or “semi-professional.”

The main difference between the Giotto and a typical home machine is the independence of coffee brewing and steaming, and a truly professional group.

The main differences between the Giotto and a commercial machine are vibratory (rather than rotary) pump, size, capacity, and price. There is an accessory kit that enables direct connection to your water supply (just like a pro machine), and with a bit of handiwork you could adapt the drip tray to drain directly to your waste outlet – if you really wanted.

  • The “Rolls Royce” of filter-handle espresso machines. (Test Magazine Plus, 12/1998)
  • The Giotto makes the best espresso of any home machine I have tested and most of the commercial ones too. And it looks like morphing chromium, oozing over your bar. (David Schomer, On The Table #22, 01/2000).
  • Winner of the High-End espresso machines test. (11 machines, top gourmet magazine, Der Feinschmecker, 03/2000)
  • The one that curled this espresso drinker’s toes was the ECM Giotto’with its lever delivery (no buttons, no digital stuff) and a heat diffuser on the group head to prevent the coffee burning. If the Giotto were a car, it would be a’50’s racing Ferrari. (Sydney Morning Herald, 08/2001)



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