Combined Pasta Machine Combimax

Combimax is the combined pasta machine designed by Italgi for any pasta related business looking for a single machine able to make several kinds of pasta, with high production in a limited size.
Combimax can produce:
– short and long cut fresh pasta; by simply changing the die, you can make spaghetti, tagliatelle, maccheroni, fusilli, penne and more shapes of pasta…
– sheet for lasagne; with a suitable die
– ravioli with different shapes thanks to the interchangeable moulds and the possibility to prepare the sheet rollers for ravioli group with the automatic dough roller

The machine is built in AISI 304 stainless steel and is assembled on a trolley to store it in corner when not in use.
The double sheet ravioli group makes a wide range of different shapes and sizes of ravioli, either square, round, triangle or half-moon. The ravioli come out already separated by the machine.
The innovative design solutions and the care in construction assure the maximum easiness to use, cleaning, safety and long life, following Italgi’s tradition in pasta machines.


– electronic knife for short pasta
– Coupling sheet die Ø 109 1×120 mm
– N.1 ravioli mould
– Stainless steel Water cooled sleeve
– stainless steel trolley


– Production in extrusion: 55 kg/h
– Ravioli production: 50 kg/h
– Dimensions (LxPxH): cm 85 x 115 x 175
– Weight: 265 kg
– Power: 2,8 kW


– Bronze die standard Ø 109
– Teflon die Ø 109
– Adjustable sheet die Ø 109
– Special die Ø 109
– Pens die with knife Ø 109
– Special die for busiata/fusillo avellinese Ø 109
– Special cochlea for busiata /fusillo avellinese
– Closed circuit group of refrigeration mod. CH
– Ravioli mould standard format
– Ravioli mould special format
– Automatic dough roller AP35-120
– Additional filling container
– Additional rolling pin


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