Bezzera Mitica R MN


  • This model is equipped with a volumetric pump and direct water connection
  • Suggested for home, office, or small volume commercial use

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In 1901, Luigi Bezzera invented the first modern espresso machine. Bezzera is the only company that has over a century of experience in manufacturing espresso machines with proven track records of quality production. 

It is an high quality product built with Professional technology components, combined with a classic design like lever group E61 style, that allow to serve delicious coffee and cappuccinos in few seconds.
Body in stainless steel AISI 304 polish, group heated by the classic thermosiphonic system, copper boiler with internal heating exchanger that allow to produce coffee and steam at the same time.
The standard machine is equipped with water tank 4lt and vibration pump.

It works with vibration pump and manual lever group, pulling the lever up the pump is activated and the coffee brewing starts, when the desired quantity of coffee in the cup is reached, pulling down the lever the coffee brewing is stopped.
The group is heated through the heating exchanger water by the traditional thermosiphonic heating system.
• Electric heating
• Automatic boiler water supply
• Automatic blocking of heating element in case of lack of water in the boiler
• Water tank and vibration pump


Volumetric pump: this model is equipped with volumetric pump and direct water connection

The S MN model is better suited for homes without a direct water line hookup. The S MN model uses water from the machines water tank.

Technical data BEZZERA MITICA R MN

                          1 GROUP
 Power supply  V~/Hz     110 – 120 / 50-60     220 – 240 / 50-60
 Resistance     V~               110           220 – 240
 Nominal power     W              1450         1350 – 1550
 Resistance     W              1350         1250 – 1450
 Boiler      l                                 2
 Tank      l                                 4
 Width    mm                               320
 Depth    mm                               450
 Height    mm                               400
 Net weight     kg 22,5(vibration pump)= 28(volumetric pump)


 Gross weight     kg  25,5 (vibration pump)= 31 (volumetric pump)


 Load connection

(R version)

                            G 3/8″
 Drain connection

(R version)

   mm                               10



The E61 groupheads had been used for decades for commercial usage.

Users can do preinfusion techniques if they find necessary.

The thermosyphon system will cycle hot water to the grouphead just like any E61 system.

Double Pressure Gauge

Features an important brew gauge and a steam boiler gauge, useful for identifying any anomalies during brewing and readiness of the machine.

2 Litres Boiler

The E61’s grouphead is warmed by hot water circulated from the boiler. For the E61 grouphead installed with heat exchanger system, if the boiler is lower than 2 litres. It’s found to be very unstable in the temperature during extraction. As there’s too much displacement of hot water out with fresh cold water pumped in. It will create a drastic drop in temperature in the boiler which then lead to a lowered temperature in the grouphead from the themosyphon system.  A boiler that is too small, will have its temperature dropping too drastically during extraction and ultimately affects the taste of the coffee.

A 2 litres boiler for an E61 grouphead  is the minimum size required for better stability with a huge amount of steam for frothing milk.

Thermal Stability

The E61 uses a thermosyphon system to stabilise the temperature of the grouphead.

Copper boiler.

A safe material with natural anti-microbial properties to continuously kill 99.9% of bacteria that cause hospital-acquired infections, keeping water in the boiler always potable. One of the most conductive metal on earth, making the machine very efficient in starting up and recovering from lost heat. Will never rust like stainless steel, or release lead from brass, will only oxidise and increase its antimicrobial properties as its age.

High-quality Bezzera boiler.

Many manufacturers purchase their components from 3rd party vendors around the world, of unmeasured quality and reliability. Bezzera welds and makes all their boilers from their factory in Milan. Boilers are tested at high pressure to ensure that they are safe for usage.

Food Grade material

A few years ago, users from Europe had found out that many espresso machines, including cafe machines, are leaching huge amount of toxic metal. That includes aluminium, lead and other metal that can cause bioaccumulation and toxification. Potentially causing organ damages, cell mutations and other complications.

Bezzera’s machines were found to be among the safest, topping the result in lab tests as compared to its peers. It’s interesting to know that some machines with stainless boilers, which were claimed to be safer, actually fared much worse with high level of lead detected in the water.

That’s possible because Bezzera is a real factory that produces most of its main parts inhouse, with full control over its production and parts. With ample experience of over 100 years and huge amount of R&D done to understand what’s best for the machine, and also the user. The machines are safe enough for us to feel assured that they can be used by our own family

Bezzera scrutinize all their suppliers with the most stringent requirement, in both performance and material integrity.  All parts are produced in Italy and most parts by Bezzera themselves. This is a stark difference compared to many companies who outsource or purchase components wholesale and only does assembling in their factory without much tests or evaluations done.

Not only that, we are pleased to inform you that all newer machines are now equipped with a new generation of fittings and parts that make the safe material they use, significantly safer. This is the type of quality that you can’t see in the specifications.


The E61 system can easily produce a good espresso.

Since the machine is running on a heat exchanger system, the user can froth and brew at the same time. Making it very convenient to make lattes or cappuccinos.


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