Bezzera BB005 TM Espresso Grinder



The Bezzera BB005 TM is an Italian-made, semi-professional conical burr grinder that comes in a compact design and is sturdy, simple to use and easy to clean.

Bezzera BB005 TM Espresso Grinder Overview

The Bezzera BB005 TM Espresso Grinder is a compact on-demand coffee grinder manufactured by Bezzera. Italian-made and semi-professional, this conical burr grinder reliably delivers consistent grounds at a great value. The BB005 TM touts impressive features like 48 mm conical burrs, stepless micrometric grind adjustment, a dose timer and 250 g hopper. For easy cleanup, the wide grinding chute and detachable bottom tray make short work of loose grinds.

BB005 TM Features and Performance

Bezzera’s BB005 TM comes in a compact, stainless steel design so it will look great on your counter top. It has a cast-metal base which provides a sturdy foundation, reduces vibrations and gives you peace of mind knowing that it won’t tip over and create a mess. The 48 mm conical burrs are extremely durable and produce a consistent grind quality while requiring fewer RPM per dose of ground coffee due to their longer grind length. What this means is the heat created will be well dispersed onto a wider grind area, while creating less heat overall. Their slower speed also helps to extend the life of the grinder’s motors.

The Bezzera BB005 TM Espresso Grinder makes use of stepless adjustments, conveniently located on the right side of the machine for easy access. The grinder can be set indefinitely until the setting is as fine or coarse as needed. Micrometric design allows for incredibly small changes to be made, meaning the BB005 can be adjusted with an extremely high degree of precision. The built-in timer allows you to dose the amount of coffee needed according to customizable duration that can be set by you. To utilize this feature, hit the button located under the outlet chute when you place your portafilter.

One of the most noticeable features of the BB005 TM is the blue-tinted hopper. Located on top of the machine, it is designed to hold 250 g of beans, which is a common selling size for most coffee roasters. The blue-tint isn’t just for show, either, the color best reduces damage from internal refracted light to preserve the quality of your beans.

48 mm Conical Burrs

The pair of conical stainless steel burrs allow you to produce consistently ground coffee, perfect for espresso extraction.

Stepless Adjustments

Using the stepless adjustment knob, you can find the perfect grind in just a few turns. The stepless micrometric design allows for an unparalleled level of precision between burrs for perfect extraction.

UV Protected Hopper

The blue-tinted hopper holds up to 250 g while also reducing internal refracted light from affecting the quality of your beans.

Built-in Dose Timer

Choose your own dose with the built-in timer that allows you to pick the desired duration. Hit the switch located under the grinding chute with your portafilter to grind your shot automatically.

Why You Should The Bezzera BB005 TM Espresso Grinder

As an on-demand coffee grinder, the Bezzera BB005 TM Espresso Grinder allows you to maximize the quality of your grounds and, in-turn, your coffee. The 48 mm conical burrs are extremely durable and consistent, meaning you’ll get excellent quality grinds for longer, while the micrometric stepless adjustments offer an unparalleled level of precision for a grinder at this price point.

Speaking of size, the BB005 TM is compact enough to fit on any counter top. It also looks great with a simple, stainless steel design and blue-tinted hopper capable of accommodating 250 g of beans. Once you’re finished grinding, give the wide nozzle a few taps to drop any retained coffee into the easily detachable bottom tray and dispose of any collected coffee for a quick and painless cleanup.


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