Apa Gold Pods – Singles


Victoria L’Originale’s unique blend was created to please the most critical connoisseur of espresso. After many samples and blends, we found the perfect beans for the best creama, taste, and aroma that a true Italian espresso should have! This blend is made of select arabica beans that are blended and roasted to perfection by one of the top master roasters from Napoli, Italy. The beans are then grounded and packed in a special package to ensure preservation of the flavor untill you are ready to enjoy it! These pods will work with any espresso pods machine system and, in most cases, with a traditional machine when used with a pods screen. Perfect for straight shot, cappuccino or latte. (available also in decaffeinated our decaff are processed with natural swiss water system)


1 box contains 120 individually packaged pods.


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